Marquardt, Dr. med. dent. Siegfried


  • Street: Adelhofstr. 1
  • Postcode: 83684
  • City: Tegernsee
  • Country: Germany


  • Telephone: 08022 / 15 05
  • Fax: 08022 / 33 11
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Marquardt, Dr. Siegfried
Specialist in implantology (EDA, BDIZ-EDI)
Specialist in aesthetic and functional dentistry (DGÄZ)

Zahngesundheit am Tegernsee // Dental Health Center at lake Tegernsee
Adelhofstrasse 1
83684 Tegernsee
T: +49-(0)8022-1505
F: +49-(0)8022-3311
E-Mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

EDA Specialist (Implantology) since 2001
DGÄZ Specialist (Ästhetic und Function) since 2001
Boardmember DGÄZ 2002 – 2015
Boardmember LIC since 2014
Boardmember LDCW since 2012
Conference President IFED Worldmeeting Munich in 2013
Conference President DGÄZ / DGI / AIOP / SSC Meeting „America meets Europe“ in 2016
Director SSC Tegernsee
Managing Director of the Z.a.T. Fortbildungs GmbH

Happiness is a confident smile

At the heart of the most beautiful area in Europe we offer state-of-the-art dentistry. Our
team consists of several specialists and we can offer all fields of dental expertise under one
roof. This guarantees the highest level of patient comfort in a relaxing and reassuring
environment, combined with cutting-edge treatment. The wellbeing and care of our patients
is essential to our practice ethos.

We consider prevention the key to successful treatment and our prophylaxis department
plays a central role in the practice. Successful treatment starts with a healthy mouth. Only
when this has been achieved do we proceed to carry out the dental restoration work which
will provide you with long-term satisfaction and durability.

As the first specialist for aesthetic dentistry and oral function in Germany, certified from the
German Academy for Esthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ), our aim is to enable you to smile with
confidence. With attractive teeth you will look and feel more self-confident and this will
improve your quality of life. It goes without saying that the medical aspects of your
treatment are of paramount importance, and this means ensuring an optimum degree of
oral function. As the saying goes: “form follows function”.

In our implantology center we will give you back the teeth you have lost. As a specialist for
Implantology, certified from the European Dental Association (EDA), our treatment is
straightforward and pain-free and the results are “invisible”. We carry out a number of
diagnostic tests prior to actual implantation to ensure that any risk factors which could
endanger the long-term success of your treatment are eliminated.